Back To Board Minutes Listing MARCH 2016 BOARD MEETING MINUTES | Wednesday, April 27, 2016

          The regular monthly meeting of the Village Board of Colfax was called to order on Monday evening, March 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Ricardo Onken.

          Trustees present were:

                   Rick Vance                 -        Aye

                   David Rathke              -        Aye

                   Jason Pierce               -        Aye

                   Carol Stephenson       -        Aye

                   Lonnie Meiner             -        Aye

                   Kelly Gradert              -        Aye

          Also present were Village Attorney Tom Shields; Police Chief Michael Scott; Public Works Brian Hereford.

          Trustee Rick Vance made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as presented.  Trustee David Rathke seconded the motion.  Vote:  Rick Vance – Aye; David Rathke – Aye; Jason Pierce – Aye; Carol Stephenson – Aye; Lonnie Meiner – Aye; Kelly Gradert – Aye; Motion carried.

          Village Treasurer Linda Hanson was absent but had the Treasurer’s Report for the month of February, 2016 in the folders.  Village Clerk Nancy Kiper reported that due to the State of Illinois changing the Illinois Funds bank on February 12, 2016 and they were to have sent the PIN # so that we could get access to the Village accounts but it has not been received the balances for the Illinois Funds Accounts are not accurate.

          Beginning Balance as of 02/01/16                            $274,299.94

          Ending Balance as of 02/29/16                                 $253,399.50

                   Decrease for the month of February, 2016      ($ 20,900.44)

          Trustee Jason Pierce made a motion to pay the bills as presented.  Trustee Lonnie Meiner seconded the motion.  Vote:  Rick Vance – Aye; David Rathke – Aye; Jason Pierce – Aye; Carol Stephenson – Aye; Lonnie Meiner – Aye; Kelly Gradert – Aye; Motion carried.

          Trustee Jason Pierce, Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee, reported that he will report what he has under New Business.

          Trustee David Rathke, Chairman of the Police and Liquor Committee, reported that the Activity Report for the Colfax Police Department for the month of February, 2016 is in your folders.

          Police Chief Michael Scott reported that we are having some issues with our old radios – these were given to the department through a grant from the Sheriff’s Department years ago.  Mike reported that had some trouble with one radio and had to buy a part to keep it running.  These are expensive radios and thought that we might have to end of buying one but Mike reported that he was notified by the Sheriff’s Department that they are receiving another grant and will be replacing all of the radios.

          Mike also reported that there needs to be some changes to the Zoning Ordinance in regard to “Home Occupations”.  The Ordinance doesn’t specify what kind of businesses can and cannot be on the premises.  Mike stated he spoke with Zoning Office Brent Blair and he was going to get a copy to Brian Blair, head of the Zoning Board, and the other four members of the Zoning Board so they could go over this and then have a meeting.

          Mike reported receiving the money from Crime Detection Grant.  Mike reported that next year’s grant will probably be for replacing the laptops in both vehicles.

          Mike reported that all of the guys got recertified on the taser.

          Trustee Lonnie Meiner, Chairman of the Water and Sewer Committee, reported since he has been gone he will have Brian give a report on what has been happening with Water and Sewer.

          Brian reported that Illinois Rural Water came and ran the camera in the sewer on West Main Street – there is no infiltration there.  Brian reported that he would still like to check further and would like to camera that whole line but it would be expensive.  If it is less than 800 feet only costs $350.00 but anything above that is seventy (70) cents per foot.  Brian stated that he knows the cost of running the camera is high but would give a map of the whole town and would help find the clean outs for each property.  Brian reported he thinks a lot of the problem is the manhole down at the Mackinaw River. 

          Lonnie reported that he spoke with Village Engineer Mike Friend regarding the property at the Petal Pusher and the issues that the flooding has caused there.  Mike Friend has suggested putting in a surface drain to the ditch at the lowest point north of the building; take the rock out and concrete the spillway.  This will lower the area around the building. The engineers are putting together a presentation.  The engineers also suggested lowering the alley side – Brian said you can’t lower too much or you will hit that tile.

          Trustee Rick Vance, Chairman of the Streets and Lights Committee, reported needing to look at some of the streets for repair this summer.  Brian stated that need to look at fixing Main Street. 

          Police Chief Michael Scott gave an update on the properties on Main Street.  Mike reported the owner of the restaurant has not paid taxes.  Mike spoke with an agent from McLean County Trustee and they would not stand in the way of demolishing the building.  Still would like to get a structural engineering in there.  The property needs to be checked for asbestos.  Village Attorney Tom Shields said need to be cautious because Trustee still considers Todd Clark as owner.  Need to get a quit claim deed.  If Todd will let in the building need to see if Lee Farms can come out and look at the building.

          It was reported that Dave Dodson spoke with Randy Reynolds regarding his building too.  Mike hasn’t had any luck getting ahold of him.  Tom reported that with the acquisition would need to have some title work done.  

          The next item on the agenda was the Soap Box Derby.  Greg Neuhaus was here to report that this event will be on Saturday, April 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Greg is here asking the Board to vote to close Main Street that day for this event.  Greg reported they already have sixty (60) entries so far so they are expecting at 200-300 people.  Greg has contacted Alliance Grain regarding parking and they are allowing everyone to park on their lot that day.  Greg reported the National Guard will be on hand to entertain the boys.  There will be a fire truck and ambulance on sight.  Greg reported that if everything goes good this year would like to make this an annual event.

          Trustee Kelly Gradert made a motion to close Main Street on Saturday, April 16th from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for the Soap Box Derby.  Trustee Carol Stephenson seconded the motion.  Vote:  Rick Vance – Aye; David Rathke – Aye; Jason Pierce – Aye; Carol Stephenson – Aye; Lonnie Meiner – Aye; Kelly Gradert – Aye; Motion carried.

          Mayor Ric Onken reported that he spoke with Jeff Dowell of the Octavia Park District.  Ric reported that the Park District is interested in the community building also.  There is another unnamed taxing body interested in this too.  Ric asked the Board if they would still be interested at looking at this if it was split three ways. 

          Trustee Jason Pierce stated as long as it is dropped back down to the original price that the catholic church was asking. 

          Brian Hereford reported that the Village needs to look at replacing a truck.  Brian has a state bid Ford F450 from Morrow’s for $50,000.  This includes the snow plow package.

          Ric Onken reported that Show Bus sent a “Thank You” for the donation made to them.

          The only item under new business was a draft of the 2016-17 Budget Appropriation Ordinance.  Trustee Jason Pierce reported that Village Clerk Nancy Kiper has it broke down as to various percentages.  Jason asked the Board to look it over for passage at next month’s meeting.

          Colfax resident Rose Houchens was here regarding the property at 306 S Grove.  Mike explained that the police have been inside the house and went thru the house and saw no evidence of any manufacturing of a controlled substance going on. 

          Mike stated that he prepared another letter to both Darrell Brown and to his grandmother, Mary Brown regarding the property. 

Rose stated that the grandmother came to see her.  The grandmother stated she has put $10,000 into the house.  She asked Rose is she wanted to buy the house back. 

Trustee Jason Pierce told Rose that he drove by the property a couple of times after the last board meeting. 

Trustee David Rathke made a motion to adjourn.  Trustee Jason Pierce seconded the motion.  Vote:  Rick Vance – Aye; David Rathke – Aye; Jason Pierce – Aye; Carol Stephenson – Aye; Lonnie Meiner – Aye; Kelly Gradert – Aye; Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

                                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                                          Nancy Kiper

                                                          Village Clerk


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