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Mayor’s Corner
June 2023
The 150,000-gallon elevated storage tank for the Village of Colfax, located across from the fire station, is getting a new look. Beginning on July 10, 2023, a contractor will begin work on the interior and exterior ending with the painting of the exterior Old Glory Blue with a waving American Flag and Colfax in block letters on two sides with Est. 1881 underneath. The project should be completed by mid-August, provided weather conditions cooperate. You can find a picture of the updated tower of the Village of Colfax website
Two 5,000-gallon hydro tanks will be used in place of the elevated water tower when it is taken offline at the end of June. The two hydro tanks are designed to make plenty of water available for the duration of the project. You should not experience any difference in the water from your faucets.
The interior of the tank will be totally cleaned and inspected. Any necessary repairs will be made in both the interior and exterior before the water tower receives its new coat of paint.
The proper paperwork has been filed to permit the expenditure of the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds to resurface the remaining streets in Colfax. You may have noticed some preliminary spray patching or some alley leveling work taking place. The anticipated cost for the Summer of 2023 is $65,000.
Specifications for the Village of Colfax Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Televising has been developed by Farnsworth Group. An Advertisement for Bids notice was in the June 22nd issue of the Ridgeview Review. Bids for the project are due by 11:00 a.m. on July 13, 2023. Over 39,750 lineal feet of sanitary sewer main, manhole structure evaluation of approximately 160 manholes and sewer bypass and associated work will comprise the project. The initial work will be paid with ARPA grant money received from the McLean County Board.
Fiscal Year 2022-2023 ended April 30, 2023. The ended the year with a balance of $437,858.82. In addition to Motor Fuel Tax, the Village receives funds from a variety of sources during the fiscal year including:
• Motor Fuel Tax $ 42,109.47
• Sales Tax $ 63,555.24
• Vertical Bridge (Telephone Tower) $ 10,224.50
• Income Tax $160,933.05
• Local Use Tax $ 40,557.48
• Excise Tax $ 7,428.40
• Cannabis Tax $ 1,568.15
• Personal Property Replacement Tax $ 32,840.82
• Gaming Tax $ 10,276.68
• Nicor Gas $ 28,791.48
• Ameren $ 37,124.77
• Mediacom $ 7,529.10
Now, let’s address a safety issue for all of us but, particularly for the parents and their children that own and ride a motorized scooter. I have no problem with the scooters; they actually look like fun and they whiz right along at a fairly good clip. No one wants to see a young person or any other person riding a scooter, a bicycle or one of the Burromax electric bikes be involved in an accident. This means both riders and drivers be aware and alert for the various means of transportation in our village so no one gets hurt. All of the above riders of transportation are supposed to observe the same rules of the road as cars, trucks and motorcycles.
Kids, this means you stop at stop signs, stay on the correct side of the street, stay in your lane when you are turning a corner and just be alert to things happening around you. At the same time, drivers of cars and trucks need to share the road and be alert as well. We all have a right to be on the village streets.
In case you are wondering how my list for the electric scooters riders is lengthy, it is because I have witnessed the irresponsible riding myself. In fact, I have talked to several young riders with the idea to educate them and keep them safe. Three riders were out one night after 9:00 p.m. on Harrison and Main Streets and it was reported they were difficult to see. On Thursday night, I witnessed two young fellows coming east on Main Street at around 10:00 p.m. and suddenly one headed to travel the sidewalk next to Bumper’s. If someone had exited the business as the scooter zoomed by, it could have been disastrous. Several riders have ignored stop signs or swung out into the incorrect lane when turning.
Parents, please emphasize to your children to be careful when riding so we can avoid an incident where someone is injured, or worse. Reinforce some of the “rules of the road” that should guide them while riding. Please note there are signs in downtown prohibiting bicycles, skateboards and scooters on the sidewalks.
Drivers, be aware of the smaller, more difficult to see motorized vehicles like the scooter, electric bikes, motorcycles and, oh yes, golf carts. Slow down as you drive through the Village of Colfax so you don’t ruin your life or the lives of one of your neighbors, friends or strangers.
All drivers need to observe the posted speed limits, stop at all stop signs (that doesn’t mean to pause or worse yet, ignore). Again, safety and alertness while driving are keys to avoiding a catastrophe.
Mark your calendar for August 4-5 for an exciting and fun weekend in the Village of Colfax. Good Ole Days are returning.
Larry K. Dodds
Mayor, Village of Colfax
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