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Section 8. Subdivision Requirements
The Village of Colfax Board of Trustees shall take into account hazards, to the extent that they are known, in all official actions related to land management use and development.
A. New subdivisions, manufactured home paiks, annexation agreements, planned unit developments, and additions to manufactured home parks and subdivisions shall meet the damage prevention and building protections standards of Sections 6 and 7 of this ordinance. Any proposal for such development shall include the following data:
1. The base flood elevation and the boundary of the floodplain, where the base flood elevation is not available from an existing study, the applicant shall be responsible for calculating the base flood elevation;
2. the boundary of the floodway when applicable, and
3. a signed statement by a Licensed Professional Engineer that the proposed plat or plan accounts for changes in the drainage of surface waters in accordance with the Plat Act (765 ILCS 205/2).
Streets, blocks lots, parks and other public grounds shall be located and laid out in such a manner as to preserve and utilize natural streams and channels. Wherever possible the floodplains shall be included within parks or other public grounds.
Section 9. Public Health and Other Standards
A. Public health standards must be met for all floodplain development In addition to the requirements of Sections 6 and 7 of this ordinance the following standards apply:
1. No development in the floodplain shall include locating or storing chemicals, explosives, buoyant materials, flammable liquids, pollutants, or other hazardous or toxic materials below the flood protection elevation unless such materials are stored in a floodproofed and anchored storage tank and certified by a professional engineer or floodproofed building constructed according to the requirements of Section 7 of this ordinance.
2. Public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas and electric shall be located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage.
3. Public sanitary sewer systems and water supply systems shall be located and constructed to minimize or eliminate infiltration of flood waters into the systems and discharges from the systems into flood waters.
4. New and replacement on-site sanitary sewer lines or waste disposal systems shall be located and constructed to avoid impairment to them or contamination from them during flooding. Manholes or other above ground openings located below the flood protection elevation shall be watertight.
5. Construction of new or substantially improved critical facilities shall be located outside the limits of the floodplain. Construction of new critical facilities shall be permissible within the floodplain if no feasible alternative site is available. Critical facilities constructed within the SFHA shall have the lowest floor (including basement) elevated or structurally dry floodproofed to the 500-year flood frequency elevation or three feet above the level of the 100-year flood frequency elevation whichever is greater. Floodproofing and sealing measures must be taken to ensure that toxic substances will not be displaced by or released into floodwaters. Access routes elevated to or above the level of the base flood elevation shall be provided to all critical facilities.
B. All other activities defined as development shall be designed so as not to alter
flood flows or increase potential flood damages.
Section 10. Carrying Capacity and Notification.
For all projects involving channel modification, fill, or stream maintenance (including levees), the flood carrying capacity of the watercourse shall be maintained.
In addition, the Village of Colfax shall notif adjacent communities in writing thirty (30) days prior to the issuance of a permit for the alteration or relocation of the watercourse.
Section 11. Variances.
Whenever the standards of this ordinance place undue hardship on a specific development proposal, the applicant may apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall review the applicant's request for a variance and shall submit its recommendation to the Village of Colfax Board of Trustees. The Village of Colfax Board of Trustees may attach such conditions to granting of a variance as it deems necessary to further the intent of this ordinance.
A. No variance shall be granted unless the applicant demonstrates that all of the following conditions are met:
1. The development activity cannot be located outside the floodplain.
2. An exceptional hardship would result if the variance were not granted.
3. The relief requested is the minimum necessary.
4. There will be no additional threat to public health, safety or creation of a nuisance.
5. There will be no additional public expense for flood protection, rescue or relief operations, policing, or repairs to roads, utilities, or other public facilities.
6. The applicant's circumstances are unique and do not establish a pattern inconsistent with the intent of the NFIP, and
7. all other state and federal permits have been obtained.
B. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall noti& an applicant in wilting that a variance from the requirements of the building protections standards of Section 7 that would lessen the degree of protection to a building will:
1. Result in increased premium rates for flood insurance up to twenty- five dollars($25) per one hundred dollars ($100) of insurance coverage;
2. increase the risk to life and property, and
3. require that the applicant proceed with knowledge of these risks, and that the applicant acknowledge in writing the assumption of the risk and liability.
C. Variances to the building protection requirements of Section 7 of this ordinance which are requested in connection with reconstruction, repair, or alteration of a historic site or historic structure as defined in "Historic Structures", may be granted using criteria more permissive than the requirements of Sections 6 and 7 of this ordinance subject to the conditions that:
4. The repair or rehabilitation is the minimum necessary to preserve the historic character and design of the structure.
5. The repair or rehabilitation will not result in the structure being removed as a certified historic structure.
Section 12. Disclaimer of Liability.
The degree of protection required by this ordinance is considered reasonable for regulatory purposes and is based on available infonnation derived from engineering and scientific methods of study. Larger floods may occur or flood heights may be increased by man-made or natural causes. This ordinance does not imply that development either inside or outside of the floodplain will be free from flooding or damage. This ordinance does not create liability on the part of the Village of Colfax or any officer or employee thereof for any flood damage that results from proper reliance on this ordinance or any administrative decision made lawfully thereunder.
Section 13. Penalty.
Failure to obtain a permit for development in the floodplain or failure to comply with the conditions of a permit or a variance shall be deemed to be a violation of this ordinance. Upon due investigation, the Zoning Officer may determine that a violation of the minimum standards of this ordinance exists. The Zoning Officer shall noti& the owner in writing of such violation.
A. If such owner fails after ten (10) days notice to correct the violation:
1. The Village of Colfax shall make application to the circuit court for an injunction requiring conformance with this ordinance or make such other order as the court deems necessary to secure compliance with the ordinance.
2. Any person who violates this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50) or more than seven hundred fifty ($750) for each offense.
3. A separate offense shall be deemed committed upon each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues, and
4. The Village of Colfax shall record a notice of violation on the title of the property.
B. The Zoning Officer shall inform the owner that any such violation is considered a willful act to increase flood damages and therefore may cause coverage by a Standard Flood Insurance Policy to be suspended.
The Zoning Officer is authorized to issue an order requiring the suspension of the subject development. The stop-work order shall be in writing, indicate the reason for the issuance, and shall order the action, if necessary, to resolve the circumstances requiring the stop-work order. The stop-work order constitutes a suspension of the permit.
No site development permit shall be permanently suspended or revoked until a hearing is held by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Written notice of such hearing shall be served on the permittee and shall state:
1. The grounds for the complaint, reasons for suspension or revocation, and
2. the time and place of the hearing.
At such hearing the permittee shall be given an opportunity to present evidence on their behalf. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall determine whether the permit shall be suspended or revoked.
C. Nothing herein shall prevent the Village of Colfax from taking such other lawful action to prevent or remedy any violations. All costs connected therewith shall accrue to the person or persons responsible.
Section 14. Abrogation and Greater Restrictions.
This ordinance repeals and replaces other ordinances adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Colfax to fulfill the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program including: the ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Regulating Development in Special Flood Hazard Areas dated, passed and approved February 5,2001. However, this ordinance does not repeal the original resolution or ordinance adopted to achieve eligibility in the program. Nor does this ordinance repeal, abrogate, or impair any existing easements, covenants, or deed restrictions. Where this ordinance and other ordinance easements, covenants or deed restrictions conflict or overlap, whichever imposes the more stringent restrictions shall prevail.
Section 15. Severabilility.
The provisions and sections of this ordinance shall be deemed separable and the invalidity of any portion of this ordinance shall not affect the validity of the remainder.

Section 16. Effective Date.
This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval, and publication as required by law.Passed by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Colfax, McLean County, Illinois, this 5th day of May, 2008.

AYES: Donna Poppe; Dennis Farney; Bruce Green; Carol Stephenson; Lonnie Meiner; Rick Wagoner
NAYS: -0-



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Clerk, Village of ColfaxApproved by me this 5th day of May, 2008:



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Mayor (President of the Board), Village of ColfaxAttested and filed in my office this 5th day of May, 2008.



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Village Clerk


I, Nancy Kiper, Village Clerk of the Village of Colfax, McLean County, Illinois, do hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance constitutes a true and correct copy of said Ordinance, passed, approved, and published on the 7th day of MAY, 2008.
I do further certify that said Ordinance has been placed in the permanent records of said Village where it now appears and remains in the Book of Minutes,
In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the Village of Colfax, McLean County, Illinois, this 5th day of May, 2008.



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Nancy Kiper, Clerk of the Village of Colfax,
McLean County, lllinois


I, Nancy Kiper, certify that I am the duly elected and acting municipal clerk of the Village of Colfax, McLean County, Illinois and I further certify that on MAY 5, 2008, the Corporate Authorities of such municipality passed and approved Ordinance No. 2008-2, entitled "AN ORDNANCE REGULATING DEVELOPMENT IN FLOODPLAIN AREAS ", which provided by its terms that it should be published in pamphlet form.
The pamphlet form of Ordinance No. 2008-2, including the Ordinance and a cover sheet thereof, was prepared, and a copy of such Ordinance was posted in the municipal building, commencing on May 5, 2008, and continuing for at least ten days thereafter. Copies of such Ordinance were also available for public inspection upon request in the office of the municipal clerk.
Dated at Colfax, Illinois, this 5th day of May, 2008.



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