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Back To Board Minutes Listing FEBRUARY 2017 BOARD MEETING MINUTES | Monday, December 18, 2017

     The regular monthly meeting of the Village Board of Colfax was called to order on Monday evening, February 6, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Ricardo Onken.

      Trustees present were:

                 David Rathke             - Aye

                 Jason Pierce              - Aye

                Carol Stephenson       - Aye

     Trustees Rick Vance, Lonnie Meiner, and Kelly Gradert were absent.

     Also present were Superintendent of Public Works Brian Hereford, and Police Chief Michael Scott.

     Village Clerk Nancy Kiper reported that the Treasurer's Report is in your folders for the month of January, 2017.

              Beginning Balance as of January 1, 2017              $269,014.77

              Ending Balance as of January 31, 2017                 $224,247.30 

                   Decrease for the Month of January,2017         ($  44,536.37)

     Nancy reminded the Board that the Village paid Beitz Trucking $58,500.00 for the remainder of the contract for tearing down buildings on Main Street. 

     Due to the fact that there was not a quorum no official business was conducted. 

     Trustee Jason Pierce, Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee reported that everything appeared to be inline on the audit.

     Trustee David Rathke, Chairman of the Police and Liquor Committee, reported that the Activity Report for the Colfax Police Department for the month of January, 2017 is in your folders.

     Police Chief Michael Scott reported that there are some mechanical issues with the 2007 squad.  Mike reported taking the squad to AJ's because the transmission was slipping.  They referred him to Midstate Transmission to see if it could be fixed by just changing the transmission fluid or if it needed a new transmission. Midstate reported that it indeed needed a new transmission.  Mike got a quote from them and from AJ's for a new transmission.  Mike reported that AJ's repaired the squad and that the new transmission has a three (3) year/100,000 mile warranty.

     Mike reported on 306 S Grove regarding the Ordinance Violations.  Mike also reported that he met with Cole Brown.  Mike will issue Ordinance Violations until the fence is done.  There will be Ordinance Violations issued to both Cole Brown and to Mary Brown, grandmother that owns the house.  Mike reported that the grandparents had paid the first Ordinance Violation.  Mike asked the Board if he should file the other two(2) Ordinance Violations in with the court along with Cole Browns.  Mike reported that the Ordinance Violations have to be filed by March 1st.  The Board agreed that if the fence gets completed and all the junk stays behind the fence and the yard is still cleaned up by March 1st could just file Cole Brown's Ordinance Violations if not paid by then. Mike reported issuing a letter to both Cole Brown and to Mary Brown regarding the Judgement against them for previous Ordinance Violations that were not paid. These have to be paid at the Courthouse.

     Trustee Lonnie Meiner, Chairman of the Water and Sewer Committee, was absent.  Brian Hereford reported on the sewer pump and the quote recieved from Electric Pump for rebuilding the old pump/and or purchasing a new pump.  The cost for rebuilding the old pump was $6,182.00.  The cost of a new pump is $6,260.00 . The Board agreed to just order a new pump. Brian reported that this new pump runs anywhere from six(6) to twelve(12) hours oer day. 

     Brian reported that Rick Vance had another idea for resurfacing Main Street. Brian stated that the Cropsey blacktop looks like asphalt but it is another material. Brian stated that would cost a lot less than asphalt but will still be expensive. Brian Hereford reported that resident Brian Blair wants to redo the sidewalks in front of his house. The Village will pay for the concrete and he will pay for the labor.

     Mayor Ric Onken asked if everyone had reviewed the Intergovermental Agreement with Octavia park District. The Board cannot vote on this month but just wants everybody to be ready to vote next month.

     Greg Nehaus reported on the Boxcar Derby. So far there are seventy eight (78) cars registered. They are having an issue with the Porta potties. He reported that they want $600 for two. The Board feels that since it is a community event the Village can help with the Porta potties. The Board will vote on next month.

     There will also be a car show on West Main Street. The Mayor wondered if should put a temporary fence on the empty lots. The concession stands will be approximately the same as last year.

     Mayor Ric Onken reported that Ray Popejoy called wanting the properties on Main Street to build more storage sheds. Ric wants the Board to think about what they want to do with this property.

     Ric stated that he has some names of some municipal attorneys that the Board may be interested in. A couple villages are using one of these attorneys and a couple villages are using the other attorney. 

     The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Nancy Kiper,

Village Clerk       


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